...brought to you by The Pollite Organization
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum for serious long term debate.
The "Pollite Lens" is so called because it is designed to focus respectful debate while providing a refined form of opinion polling. The Lens exists to provide a free and semipermanent place for each person with access to the internet to inscribe their opinions, periodically change those opinions, and to read and respond to the opinions of others. It is intended to increase the ability of groups of people to coalesce into agreement on specific points, and achieve a generally improved understanding of complex issues.
This application allows you to publish your own platform of claims and positions. This means that you can publish claims (proposals or surveys), as well as vote in response to claims, and cite reasons in support of your vote. Finally, there are several ways to search the database of claims and platforms, and to view statistics on the voting that has taken place on each claim.
We hope that one day a system like this can be part of an infrastructure that gives all people a way to express and debate their detailed opinions on issues they care about, thereby providing a more meaningful form of opinion polling than what is commonly used today.
Currently the Pollite Lens application is being reimplemented on top of the Peruser LAF (lightweight application framework). We expect to relaunch the Lens in Summer, 2003. Discussion of the new platform is ongoing at the PolliteLensWiki.